Lady! Where has your love gone. When you cut my eyes I see everywhere I have been. I see where, I have been. Roses in the car, only shadows are in the street. Solo tus curvas son melodia. I’m going to be the last to leave. Stop. Breath. This is real. We play our part, our game. I lost my taste, my sense. I want a name, a sense of been here and not there. Estas son las cosas que escribe uno cuando coge esas increibles canciones, le das al play y dejas volar la escritura. Nada mas y nada menos. I know your game. Difuso. Random. Analitico. Sobrevivir.

image of mind.

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  1. Me gustan tus entradas. Y esa canción...
    Bueno, un abrazo, cuídate!