We try to close one door. We try to close the door. But sometimes it's not only a door... because sounds like a wall.

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Essential Jamie XX.

New shoes creation preview. Maya inspiration edition.

Essential Mix - Jamie XX

SuperVideo: Kilian Martin - A Skate Illustration

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I've been days trying to seduce my memories. Trying to seduce my feelings. Trying to seduce me. Maybe it's only because i've been trying.

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Sometimes is the same shit.

It's a new life for me?
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel.

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Alright, what happens.

Esta bien, no hay nada escrito. Nada. You try to go away of your fears, your monster is coming, and you, instead of give him a hug, start running like a little stupid bitch. The wild part of us destroys us, dije ayer...no se ni lo que digo. The wild part of us make us freer. Making a new wild shoes that I should finish soon.

Try this: Watch the Throne [Jay-z & Kanye West]

And this: Anna Aaron

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We are just the rage that never ends.

Increíble fin de semana. La mer. El mar. Me recorre las entrañas, anhelando el vigor y la bravura. Recorre y cubre cada parte y revuelve y revuelve sin darse cuenta. Es la verdad que sale a la luz, como las buenas olas que tenemos que coger. Como aquellos rayos de sol que incitan y el ronroneo agresivo de aquellas que golpean. Es la mar, es la mar. Sera... sera.

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Love can hardly leave the room.

I was unafraid, I was a boy, I was a tender age
Melic in the naked, knew a lake and drew the lofts for page
Hurdle all the waitings up, know it wasn't wedded love
4 long minutes end and it was over it'd all be back
And the frost took up the eyes

Pressed against the pane could see the veins and there was poison out
Pesting in a raze the inner claims I hadn't breadth to shake
Searching for an inner clout, may not take another bout
Honey in the hale could fill the pales of loving less with vain
Hon, it wasn't yet the spring

Aiming and it sunk and we were drunk and we had fleshed it out
Nose up in the globes, you never know if you are passing out
No it wasn't maiden-up, the falling or the faded luck
Hung up in the ivory, both were climbing for a finer cause
Love can hardly leave the room
With your heart.

Hoy no he parado de escuchar este increíble disco. Un diez Mr. Vernon.

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Trent Mitchell.

Me fascina el mar, desde que tengo uso de razón. En todos los sentidos. Y él, Trent Mitchell lo ha captado como a mi me gusta. Magestuoso, grande, con respeto, con fuerza, con luz, con poder.. y porque no decirlo, en blanco y negro. Merecen mucho la pena sus trabajos.

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Maybe one day.

Today is a new day. Today is a new smile. Today is a new day to smile. Today is new. Today. And tomorrow, the beginning, the beginning. Mierda, tengo el cerebro que no saca palabras ultimamente. Cuando me preguntan o preguntan que cancion es aquella que mas te gusta, o cual es la que mas te llega... nunca se que contestar. Hay tantas. Algunas muchas, incluso otras demasiado buenas para fibrilar. Me acuerdo ahora de como suena esta en mi cabeza, de como es y como era y de aquella frase que tanto me gustaba decir, que ahora pica. Maybe someday, we will look back at this and we'll smile... Maybe someday, we will look back at this and we'll see and sing all of them... just because we want, eyes closed tight... seen just how young we were, how scared I was... of this moment, of this songs.

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I can hear you through my window.

Looking for a new place to begin
Feeling like it's hard to understand
But as long as you still keep pepperin' the pill
You'll find a way to spit it out, again
And even when you know the way it's gonna blow
It's hard to get around the wind

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