Stupid things.

It's too much to wait, for those who miss. They used to say, too much to lose too less to win. We try to handle, instead of trying. Even knowing that's better to fight than let them go. You want to know how to answer, but we don't, we can't. We're trees without leaves waiting to watch them grow. Trying not to say stupid things, or true things, or silly things, or anything. Discovering images that try to reflect our dreams. We miss. We explode our minds to see the better way, for that road that we long to gain. We used to see that things that want to see, because we don't open the eyes to really see. This could be the understanding text that you don't undestand, but it's maybe because you don't have to. Or maybe because you can't. Or because you don't want. You're able. You are not able. We are, i'm, we want, we can. All this stupid stuff that we have to handle everyday... like little leaves trying not to fall because of the wind. Stupid things.

image of mind.

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